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Welcome to, Swarajya abhudaya seva samithi as women based NGO working for women empowerment by transforming the lives of the marginalized women, I am proudly to say that I came forward as single women, then many women walking with me from the long period with passion. With little space for women to express their views and ideas in the present society.  The decision making structures in the society are controlled by men. This is wrong sign for the world we believe in institutional sustainability
through strengthening of women knowledge, women thoughts, women health and respectable liberty most important for society.

SASS is playing a key roal to bring change in policies in the society by women thoughts SASS IS working as a grass root women NGO to work in collaboration with the Govt departments and community leaders ,We dedicate our commitment of social service to all those encouraging organizations, helping us to help the upliftment of vulnerable sections of the society.

Our Approach

Program Experience 


From the year 2011 SASS implemented TI project with support of APSACS. On an average 1400 FSW, MSM and TGs from the 10 tribal and rural mandala. The main objective of the programme is to prevent the sexual diseases like HIV, STD from one person to other person. In this project  8 members paid staff and 17 members peer educators conducted health camps at work sites, conducted RMC,RPR and  ICTC testing, create awareness about HIV/AIDS disease, condom promotion and counseling at DIC.


MAA-THOTA-SASS developed 500 acres community based assets creation with support of NABARD in the tribal areas, special focus on providing lively hoods through Horticulture, water and soil conservation for tribal land.  Maathota aimed at reducing poverty and migration of the tribal communities. SASS has proved it successful completed within the time and handover to owner of the land with fruitfully result and asset for present and next generation. The project has positive impact on increasing food and nutritional security in tribal areas by making both food availability and accessibility in tribal areas.



SASS-By providing quality skill trainings to women they have enhance livelihoods by establishment of income generation activity through banks loans or SHG saving. Through above training activities 21000 women members was earning Rs 8000 to 10000 has sustained them self’s.



SASS- Formed and established 10 FPOs by providing them integrated services and facilities for increasing production and income. Providing quality production of different commodities with best price marketing in East Godavari Dist.



SASS NGO  in collaboration with NABARD initiated the “Rural Hatt Scheme , panchyathi has provided 20 cents land  for construction of rural hatt at parimitadaka , NABARD has provided a grant amount of Rs. 10,00, 000/- and SASS has provided contribution Rs 2,20,00  for sustainable marketing of FPOs in East Godavari District.


SASS NGO in collaboration with NABARD will be start construction of “Rural Hatt Scheme, at Vanchangi.

Sangeetha Two” Fair Justice and Reinforcement of Victims of Abuse-WWDP

 SASS has initiated a project Fair Justice and Reinforcement of Victims of Abuse. The project is created awareness level of Individuals, extended strong counseling, and equipped Social Action committees which pave the way of commencing responsive initiatives by the victims & groups towards safety net mechanism.

Ensuring Violence Free Lives for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence DKA-Austria

Object of the project is Awareness on domestic violence to the community and generate their support to the victims , Improving service delivery of social, economic and legal support systems for the benefit of women’s safe and secured life and bridge the gap between law and practice, Initiate and strengthen victim support system as women protection forums , Ensuring violence free lives for women through engaging men and boys/youth as change agents.


— Our Mission

SASS is an exclusive organization to work on the vulnerable women and children issues and farmers both in tribal and rural areas for the upliftment of weaker sections to create sociable and an enabling environment for them in the society.


— Our Vision

Our vision is to Reach and Unreached hailing form a Remote Rural, Tribal villages and Urban Slums where basic facilities and amenities were not existence, and empower the dignity of women and children of the weaker sections


— Goal

To facilitate meaningful participation of women in high level decision making and to advocate changes for progressive aims through prominence.


— Our Story

SASS organization focusing certain cross cutting issues related to Gender, children, women, tribal culture, tribal dignity and humanity.  With the support of National and international development agencies we spot light on rights and livelihoods of the rural poor.  In the development journey of the organization we could able to promote and strengthen community based organizations and its upper level structures. We have good coordination between the community organizations, community leaders, local extension officers and elected representatives, with this cooperation and support we are able to address issues related to women and children. With the support of the local development agencies we are also support 500 families for better livelihoods.  In the other hand we are also aware the target members about different development and welfare programmes of the state and union government time to time and facilitated the eligible to make applications. With the support of the locale elected representatives and extension officers we facilitated for early sanction of the development and welfare programmes.

Founder of the SASS was Smt. Y. Padma Latha M.A., HRD. She won a National Award in the Year 2000 at Vignyan Bhavan from National commission for women in New Delhi. She felicitated with “Stree Sakthi Purashkaram” in voluntary service category by the hands of honourable chief minister on the occasion of International women’s day at Kurnool among 22 renowned women’s in all over state who provided benchmark services to society in their respective fields for  the year 2016. 

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